Are you looking for the most addicting dance style? A dance during which you can forget about just everything in the world? Then you are at right place. ;) We would like to introduce you to the part of Valentine Dance Festival dedicated to Zouk Brasil.

When you look at Zouk dancers, you can see their very strong connection. Partners are like in a trance of wonderful experience. So join the quick-quick-slow world and be focused like never before on rhythms, accents of music, deep dips, and head and body movements.

Especially for you we have invited the best artists and DJs with whom you can learn and spend a great time during Valentine Dance Festival.

Check out the line-up...




♥ Xandy Liberato (Valencia)
♥ Edelmar Pasty & Hilde (Amsterdam/Oslo)
♥ Rick & Larissa (Brazil) NEW
♥ Jan Modern Zouk & Saba  (Berlin)
♥ Lisa & Stijn (Berlin) NEW
♥ DJane  Kakah (Brazil/Prague) 
♥ DJane Shin (Amsterdam) 
♥ DJane Saba (Berlin) NEW
♥ DJ C. (Berlin) NEW
♥ DJ Rick (Brazil) NEW



We offer even more than Zouk... Deploy your love for Salsa, Kizomba and Bachata! Don't hesitate to check out the full line-up and program...