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Hello Guapa, hello Guapo,

Our motto: We bring together all dance-infected people! Whether cuban salsa or LA, whether Bachata Dominican or sensual, Kizomba, Zouk, Semba, Afro-house, Kuduro… there is something for everyone. We party at our Valentine Festival with ALL TROPICAL DANCES.

Be there as a VOLUNTEER and support this vision!
What we expect is RELIABILITY and individual RESPONSIBILITY.
Let’s push this project together!

You now have the choice. Provide at least 15 hours and up to 18 hours of your time to the crew on one of the three days of the event. In return, you will experience direct contact with the artists, you will take part in all the parties and you can also take part in the workshop of your choice.

If you want to savor more of the festival, let's make a deal. You get 50% discount on the Full Pass, work only 8 hours during the weekend, and thus have more time for workshops and parties! :-)

We will ask all Volunteers for a 50€ deposit to be paid beforehand or when you get your Full Pass (latest). It will be repaid once your last shift is done.

Our volunteer team is very international and we expect many people coming from abroad. Therefore, we blocked rooms for you in the Dorint Hotel from Friday to Monday for 40€ per night per person. Let us know whether you need accommodation and want to stay with all the Valentine Dance Crew!

… What are you waiting for? Let's go!

Register now as volunteer by filling in the following questionnaire:

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Have you already gained any experience at other festivals? If yes, which ones? What have been your tasks?

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(Please remember that you will have to work at least 15 hours. We will try to consider you wishes, but without guarantee.)

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Here you have room for further comments. (What are your strengths? How will you support the festival?)




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