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Hello Guapa, hello Guapo,

Our motto: We bring all dance-infected people together! Whether Cuban Salsa or LA, whether Bachata Dominican or sensual, Kizomba, Zouk, Semba, Afro-House, Kuduro… there is something for everyone at Valentine Dance Festival with ALL TROPICAL DANCES.

Be there as a VOLUNTEER and support this vision! ♥♥

NEW! JOB OPPORTUNITY: BE PART OF OUR TEAM and make your internship with us - you can take specific under categories of the below outlined role - or ideally all of the under categories.



We are very much looking forward to receiving your applications!


Work together with GREAT people from all over the world and look behind the scenes of an unique event-idea.

Our WORKING PHILOSOPHY: If something goes wrong, we stay calm and dedicate ourselves to what is currently most important.

You have the choice:

SHIFT SCHEDULE: The shifts will be fixed in coordination with the whole volunteer team, so that everyone is able to get their favourite time at the festival.

Based on your MOTIVATION, of course, DEPENDABILITY and your individual RESPONSIBILITY we are able to create an open and friendly atmosphere and do our best for a smooth process at the wardrobe, registration, control- and info-points, set-up and the bar.

IMPORTANT: We will ask all volunteers for a 50€ deposit to be paid beforehand to the following account:

Account Name: Berlin Dance Festival - IBAN: DE53100500000190663561 - SWIFT: BELADEBEXXX

It will be repaid once your last shift is done. If you miss your shift without consulting your supervisor or you do not work reliably, we might need to reduce the deposit's original sum when it's being returned. (It´s a normal process on festivals and even though we don´t like that - because it is in fact more to do for us - from experience, we unfortunately need to do that.) The price of 10€ for the mandatory T-Shirt will be taken from your deposit as well.

If you select to be a driver for artist pick ups you will have to do only 4 pick ups and you will get petrol refund + a Valentine Pass.

Each of our applicants will have a short video chat with our Team Coordinators to get to know each other better and find the most appropriate place to work for you.

Our volunteer team is very international and we expect many people coming from abroad. Therefore, we blocked double rooms from Friday to Monday for 60€ per night per person. Let us know whether you need accommodation and want to stay with the whole Valentine Dance Crew!

… What are you waiting for? LET´S GO! ♥♥

Register now as volunteer by filling in the following questionnaire:

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(Level: fluent in spoken and written)

Have you already gained any experience at other festivals? If yes, which ones? What have been your tasks?

Preferred times for your shifts:*

(Please remember that you will have to work at least 12 (+2) hours. We will try to consider you wishes, but without guarantee.)

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Here you have room for further comments. (What are your strengths? How will you support the festival?)




* We will not be able to take your request into account, if required data is missing.