Patrycja Wasiak


Patrycja is a Contemporary Jazz, Modern Jazz, Brazilian Zouk, Stretching Instructor and Trainer at Blackroll Poland. Patrycja has won many dance competitions and took part in many international festivals, including in Canada, France, Portugal, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Great Britain. Her musical education and acting experience are very helpful in dancing and creating choreographies. She is also interested in theoretical dance, dance composition and many areas related to body awareness (yoga, pilates, stretching, work with mental images). For her, Dancing is a reflection of the soul, a wonderful form of physicality, an infinite source of inspiration, a beautiful meeting with the sensitivity of another human being. Her Classes are based on a combination of stretching techniques, yoga, contemporary dance and zouk elements. We will feel free movement with breath in popular head movements. We will relax the body and mind. Classes will end with a massage.