Patrycja and Piotr (to be confirmed)


Patrycja and Piotr have been a dance couple for 3 years now. In 2019, they both completed MAC modules and passed the exam in Paris, simultaneously obtaining the title of international Brazilian Zouk instructors according to the teaching methodology of Alex De Carvalho's: "". They teach the most regular Brazilian lessons in Poland at all levels. They run classes in a way that is effectively balanced between technique, dance practice and simply good fun. They have been creating a choreographic group for two years in which they also had the opportunity to perform themselves. They are also both international Blackroll coaches. They provide their students with comprehensive dance development opportunities. They also know how important caring for a dancer is and try to infect others. Each new day for ZouKuny is a new opportunity for dance development. MORE ABOUT PATRYCJA: She is contemporary jazz, modern jazz, brazilian zouk, stretching instructor, trainer at Blackroll Poland. Patrycja won many dance competitions and took part in many international festivals, including in Canada, France, Portugal, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Great Britain. Her musical education and acting experience are very helpful in dancing and creating choreographies. She is also interested in theoretical dance, dance composition and many areas related to body awareness (yoga, pilates, stretching, work with mental images). Dancing is for her a reflection of the soul, a wonderful form of physicality, an infinite source of inspiration, a beautiful meeting with the sensitivity of another human being. MORE ABOUT PIOTR: Fully committed to the development and promotion of Zouk in Warsaw. He introduced this dance style to several main dance schools in the capital and he actualy had a real impact on expanding the Zouk environment/community there. He believes that everyone can dance and achieve their dream dance skills. He can convey knowledge in a simple way. Piotr is also an international Blackroll instructor - he is aware of the need for proper regeneration. He encourages students to reach beyond the Zouk's framework and try other dance styles (also solo), to gain the diversity of interpreting Zouk. In his youth, he practiced various sports. He achieved outstanding achievements as a homegrown of the UKS Wilanowia handball team. ZouKunio has loved dancing since childhood. He tried various dance styles over the years but his most important development lasts since 2013, when he discovered the world of Latino. He has particular respect for contemporary dance, popping, rolling and stretching. Salsa and Bachata gave him a strong foundation for dancing with a partner. With the latter style he performed many times in the country and abroad. Piotr and Patrycja run a Fanpage: Kunio & Pati ZouKuny - Brazilian Zouk