Abdel Zouk Deluxe


"Abdel is a patient, caring dance teacher with his heart and soul fully dedicated to the dance experience - a true phenomenon - who loves to motivate, inspire and captivate his students - just close your eyes - a passion that automatically enters you - you instantly fall in love with dancing - with a heavenly ethereal lightness", describe his enthusiastic students and fans on Facebook. He started his intensive formation in Capoeira in 2000. Later on, he started to dance Salsa & Bachata. A few months later, he already integrated a Salsa Show group and participated in many festivals and congresses around Europe. It’s when attending one of those events that his life changed radically: It was when he discovered Brazilian Zouk for the first time. He attended an intensive program and finally became instructor in one of the biggest Dance Schools in Cologne/Germany. Since 2010, Abdel is teaching & performing as an international artist all over world. He is teaching with passion and is particularly gifted in making people fall in love with the amazing Brazilian Zouk. The passionate dancer and Zouk teacher shares his years of experience, infinite energy and passion for Brazilian Zouk with his students in the dance school "Abdel Zouk Deluxe" in Düsseldorf and of course in many workshops and shows at countless events worldwide.