Luis Duarte


Originally from Portugal, Luis developed his enthusiasm for Salsa and Afro-Cuban dances with 17 years. In a very short time, he became an astonishing dancer and dance teacher. In order to improve his dance style, Luis spent some time in Cuba. This allowed him to improve dances like Rumba, Son, Casino and Afro-Cuban Dances. After returning to Europe, he chose to stay in Germany and started to learn different dance styles such as Ballet, Capoeira and Breakdance to expand his dancing skills. With the idea to combine these different dance styles and to extend them group-dynamically, he founded the group "Hot Tumbao" in 2009. Until today, Luis is the choreographer and organizer of the group. Since 2009, Luis has been teaching Salsa at his own dance school "El Chevere" in Hamburg and has been joining national and international Salsa festivals as a dance teacher, choreographer and show dancer.