Juan Carlos Gonzalez


Originally born in Santiago de Cuba, Juan Carlos Gonzalez Cintra is professional dancer and teacher. Through his incredible enthusiasm and warm, bright personality he creates a very special, personal and motivating atmosphere during his classes. The combination of exertion, effort and humor make his teaching to a source of energy and inspiration. In Cuba, dancing children are part of daily rituals - so it was his mom that taught him everything about Charleston since he was 9 years old. And similar to the way kids in Holland learn to skate with a chair, Juan Carolos learned the basic Salsa steps with a door. Nobody was in the apartment because he was training all day long. Dancing has always been his passion. At 10 years old, he started dancing popular, traditional, Folklore, Afro Cuban and religious dances - with 18 years he danced in the group "Conjunto Folklorico Cotumba" and in Ballet Folklorico de Oriente - and finally as soloist in the famous Cabaret Tropicana. Six years later he danced at the highest level that you can reach in the professional dance scene in Cuba: At Conjunto Folklorico Nacional in Havanna. During the next four years, he worked with this highly renowned dance ensemble, made of about 95 people. With dancers, singers and percussionists, he travelled to Europe and Moskow. His outstanding talent and enthusiasm for dance in connection to his passion and creativity make him unique in the dance scene.