Vanessa Lacedonia


Vanessa Lacedonia was born in Puglia in Bisceglie on March 16, 1990. She began to take her first steps in the world of Classical, Modern and Contemporary Dance at just 10 years of age approaching the world of Caribbean dances at the age of 14 with the attainment of several regional titles, national and international. Her Salsa training was parallel to the formation of Modern Dance, Lyrical Jazz, Jazz, Musical, Classical Dance and Hip Hop. She attended Musical Formation Seminars "Arte Musical 2007" in Rome (Cinecittà) / National Academy of High Culture with the Association A.N.P.D&T studying with dance icons such as Fabrizio Paganini, Raffaele Paganini and Bryan. In the field of hip-hop, she trained and performed in shows with the international dancer Karim Hidouch (former member of the dance band of singer Madonna). In 2006 at the age of 16, she deepened her training in the "World of Salsa" with Maestro Alberto Valdes diving into training sessions of Cuban Rumba, Cuban and Afro Salsa. She participated in numerous national and international Salsa and hip hop congresses in order to deepen her training with the masters: Maykel Fonts, Johnny Vazquez, Alberto Valdes and Clave Negra, Chiquito Dominican Power, Seo Fernandez Y Latin Black, Utribe, Eddie Torres. From 2008-2009, she became a dancer in the sports program "Forcing", at the regional television networks of Puglia "Telenorba" and then Velina Ufficiale in the regional television program "Stella del Sud" (talent show). She also became a teacher of Caribbean dances at various dance schools and gyms in southern Italy. In 2009, she joined the French company U-Tribe Erell Niane and Mike Faya, deepening her training in the Puerto Rican Style. In September 2009, she moved to Milan to create a major artistic and professional studio and then moved to Turin in 2010. She attended some training courses in Classical, Jazz, Hip Hop and House at the M.A.S in MILAN. She then became a dancer for national networks (Mediaset -rai 1- 7gold). In 2009, she worked with the great Cuban Master Seo Fernandez. In 2010 she joined the Staff of "Tropicana Milano" and the Latin Gem dance school, then the teacher staff of the dance school of Alberto Valdes "Cubabaila". In 2010 she joined the Los Hermanos Company, deepening her training in the L.A style. In 2010 she participated as a dancer in the movie "Street Dance 2" in 3D (Vertigo Film), in the cinema in March 2012, choreograph of the Latin part was Maykel Fonts, then she was official ballerina in the video clips of the Cuban musical group "Familia Loca" and in the songs "If acabo la malanga" - "La Trampa" and "La colpa dell'amor" and then ballerina at the regional network "7gold" for the transmission "Fiesta Latina". In September 2010, she joined the "Fonts Company", the official company of the great master and choreographer Maykel Fonts and subsequently she becomes ballerina of Maykel Fonts. In September 2013, she created a ladies company named "Lady's V.L.". In November 2015, she was a guest of Milly Carlucci on Rai 1 in the transmission "Dancing with the Stars" together with Edwar Ramos in the "Reggae Dancehall" discipline. In March 2016 she was guest of Milly Carlucci on RAI 1 in the program "Dancing with the starts" with her professional company "Lady’s VL", supporting the singer "Morgan" during the broadcast. In 2014 after a training session in New York, she became the dancer of the great master of masters "King of Mambo" Eddie Torres. Awards include: Regional Champion "Regional Championship 2005" Taranto 11/20/2005, twice Italian Champion in 2005 and 2006 at the Italian Championships in Rimini and Foligno with the FIDS federation (Italian Sports Dance Federation) and 7th place at the 3rd World Championship 23-26/03/2006 during the event "Salsa World Festival of Rome.