DJ Ecozinho


Dj Ecozinho, born on the 11th of November 1987 in the municipality of Cazenga in Luanda/Angola, is an Angolan Dj, graphic designer, photographer, video editor and video maker. This talented Angolan DJ grew up surrounded by music, nourishing his passion from the earliest days. The huge influence was thanks to his father and his vinyls, video cassettes and cassettes back then. Having started as an amateur DJ when he moved to Germany in 2002 at the age of 13, he started playing at his friends birthday parties, Ecozinho soon became a professional Dj at the age of 15. His career derived from playing at Hip - Hop and R&B big clubs & events in Germany in 2005. In 2009, he started working at Radio Personality for Radio Cultura Angolana, where he had the pleasure and opportunity to invite to his programme (Estrelas Ao Vivo) such artists as Caló Pascoal, Yola Araújo, Dog Murras, C4 Pedro, Maya Cool, Eduardo Paim, Maskarado and many other artists. In 2011, he started his Eco Live Mix Com DJ Ecozinho at Platina Line Radio and that’s what he’s most famous for till now, almost everybody in the Kizomba Scene know his Mixes, teachers love to use them for their lessons even the Angolan singers appreciate his work whenever he has done an album mix from their albums for them. DJ Ecozinho has a Soundcloud Account with nearly 5 thousand followers and a Youtube page with 28 thousand followers. He is the first Dj not only in the Kizomba scene ever to make 365 Mixes in less than 365 days back in 2017. He’s been playing around the world at Festivals, Birthdays parties, private parties, played for artists like Eddy Tussa, Nellson One, Kaysha, Nelson Freitas, Don Kikas and many more. Ecozinho will make his first appearance and hopefully not the last one, at the most romantic Festival “Valentine Dance Festival” in Berlin 2020.