DJ Zay'X (to be confirmed)


Zay'X is a French DJ of Congolese origin who grew up in Versailles, Paris. He always wanted to keep some mystery about his private life but that's what we know about him... He started at a very young age to become passionate about music. At the age of 16, when he had just been discovered by a large training center, he decided to stop basketball to devote himself to music and more particularly to mix while continuing his school career . This decision was crucial since shortly after he made his first disco set at the Madeleine Plaza. His indisputable talent, his personality and his ease at the microphone are immediately pleasing and already give him a great reputation in the times of golden youth. The revelation: In 2007, it was by going to the Palacio for the first time that Dj Zay'X discovered the Afro-Caribbean Scene. This evening was THE revelation for him. He then put aside his activity in the electro-house environment to devote himself fully to the tropical vibes. Very quickly, he was noticed by big figures of the middle, in particular Moun, who is no other than the producer of the singer Stony, with whom he now starts his tours in the Afro-Caribbean clubs - the most known of Ile-de-France like the Space Tropical, the Acropolis or the Genesia. That's when he discovers this sweet music called Kizomba... He improves his knowledge of Portuguese music passionately and professionally, and perfectly integrates the codes and structures of this musical genre. A success story that now extends across the world. Considered by his peers as one of the best DJs of his generation, he is now an iconic figure of Kizomba nights internationally. His taste for Kizomba in all its forms makes him a much requested DJ because he is one of the rare to be able to master the different musical structures. A true force of nature, a dark look, a sweet voice, a radiant smile and breathtaking charisma... Surely here is a DJ like no other but also a proved Show Man! Very sought after nowadays, he travels the wide world of festival... In addition, in 2012, he creates in his image, "" and launches the concept, then INEDIT: "Lights On Kizomba". First at the My Boat, and now at the Palais Maillot, now the Temple of Kizomba in Paris. The "Lights On Kizomba" parties are well known and recognized beyond French borders.