Baris & Katya


It just began with a dance... Katya and Baris met 6 years ago in a Salsa-Club in Berlin. He asked her for a dance, they laughed, they dated, they started with Kizomba, discovered UrbanKiz and developed SensualKiz. And so they are here. 2017 was an important year for them. Baris and Katya not only started teaching in Berlin, they also got married. “Two of the best decisions in our life” they say. They both decided to teach UrbanKiz and SensualKiz in order to build and develop the community further in Berlin. Their rolemodel communities are the ones in Paris and in Amsterdam. End of 2018 they won the first edition of the Rock Your Dance tournament in the category colorful musicality. In 2019 they made the third place in Olympiads of Kizomba: Paris preselections in the category sensual