Leslie & Nox Akademie


Leslie, the founder of Nox Akademie, writes: " We are a team that first and foremost wants to live its passion for dance. We dance Kizomba in Urban Style, Kizomba Fusion. We participate at events as taxi dancers, plan dance videos and make choreographies. When we like, when can also do show dancing. Our aim is to reach a certain level of proficiency through target training that enables us to convince dancers of our capabilities as dancers everywhere. For us, quality dancing is correct technique, gentle leading and following in the first place as well as the professional character and really acting as true taxi dancers, which means: 1. Dancing with people who really need it because they are too shy, quiet or not very advanced - 2. technically correct leading without using force to encourage the sensitivity of the person in question - 3. a polite, respectful and reliable attitude in all areas. Also, our group aims to promote equality of sexes. We are looking forward to meeting you!