DJs Flori & Wilber

Peru / Berlin

DJs Flori and Wilber belong to the best Salsa DJs in Germany and the joyful twins - originally from Peru - share their beautiful Salsa energy with everyone so that you just HAVE to dance when they are dj-ing. In their homeland Peru, Salsa and Merengue are simply part of day-to-day life. Both grew up with Salsa and this music was always their passion. When they came to Germany in 1003, Flori had the opportunity to play in El Barrio, one of the hottest Latino-Locations in Berlin, Germany. Flori and Wilber overwhelmed the audience - many jobs in several regions of Germany followed, but also in other locations in the world. Flori and Wilber feel at home now in their chosen home town Berlin - here they meet salseras and salseros from all over the world on the dance floors of beautiful Berlin. Here the Peruanian energy bundle - often seen as dual pack - is frequently dj-ing at the best salsa parties of the city. Their fans cannot imagine the Berlin Salsa Scene without the two brothers - where they are dj-ing - you HAVE to dance Salsa, Mambo, Cha-Cha-Cha, a nice Merengue or a romantic Bachata.