DJ Willy "The Viper"


DJ Willy aka „The Viper“ is one of THOSE DJs in the City of Lights, Paris. Since 1997, when he stood at the turntables of Montecristo Café, he did not only rock the House Scene in Paris, but also lead the DJ stands on Partys and Congresses worldwide. But Viper is not only excellent in playing House. He was founding member of the Parisian Salsa Collective Papas DJs and later became the second half of the Dance Angels Team. Besides events of "in line dancers" or "cross body dancers", the musical multitalented Caribbean likes to play other music and dance styles depending on the different tastes of his guests. He has an extensive repertoire ranging from Mambo, ChaChaCha, Guaguanco, Son Montuno, to Salsa Classica, Bachata, Zouk, Kompa, Kizomba-Semba, to Salsa Romantika or Cuban too. In his words: „There are more bad DJs making the wrong choices than bad music“.