Jose Diaz & Nerea


Milan, Italy. This is the hometown of one of the most promising teams in Salsa: Euphoria Dance Company - created in 2012 by Jose "La Salsa" Diaz to give new life and emotion to Mambo On2 in Italy. The Dance Company reflects the influence of New York Style On2 with its creative interpretation and strong sense for musicality on stage. Its goal is to present a unique and diverse style of performance, while still being connected to the classic roots and essential core of Mambo.
Artist and Leader Jose "La Salsa" Diaz teaches his unique style of Mambo with an energetic Dominican 'street dance style'. He weaves in several spins, combinations of turns, countermovements, sudden pauses and changes of direction and excites his audience which always asks for more. His passion for dance allows him to interpret musical rhythms through tender body movements and complicated sequences of step.
Euphoria Dance Company managed to create teaching techniques that make both teaching and learning to a simple and entertaining experience. "We do not see ourselves only as teachers and performers, but also as ambassadors of the music, dance and culture of South America. No matter whether we teach a dance class or present one of our creative shows - at Euphoria Dance Company we make it our constant goal to brighten up your day, lead you into the enchanting world of dance and bring to life the joy of others for this music we love.