Marco Ferrigno & Ansima DC


Marco Ferrigno already started dancing as a child and followed his dad's foot steps who is a passionate dancer himself. Marco had valuable achievements at national and international competitions in Latin Dance, while representing Italy in Blackbool (UK). In 2000 he went to the Caribbeans where he dedicated to Salsa and began to dance with the group "Barrio Latino" of Salerno. After this experience, he created the choreographies for the group "New Dance" of Teramo and had valuable achievements during diverse events in this area. In 2006, he joined Juan Mato's group "Fogarete Dance Project" and with them, he danced on the most important stages of Rome, London, Atlanta, Rio de Janeiro, Hamburg, Turkish cities, Barcelona, Nice, Brussels, Murcia and many others. In 2007 he decided to partner with the dancer Tänzerin Assal Arian to build a career as solo dancers and they were immediately sought after in the most important clubs of Italy and on the most important events in the region. In August 2007, Marco presents a show with the Champion of Champions, Eddie Torres, in New York. Since October 2006, he teaches in Lesmo (Milan) in the dance school "Latin Group" of Fabio and Stefania, and since September 2007, partnering with dancer Haridian Benavente, he is also a teacher of the dance school "Latin Gem" in Milan. His style, originally influenced by the New Yorker Style, is sophisticated and elegant. Marco works with inventive spirit, talent and innovative resourcefulness on the continuous perfection of his personal style that is also influenced by other talents he works with. Marco and Haridian have perfected their classical and musical interpretation. Together with Natalia Lopez and her ensemble Ansima Production Ballet, they took audiences worldwide by storm with their spectacular performances, for example in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, San Francisco, Mexico, Curacao, Carcaras, Dubai, Benidorm, Madrid, Santiago de Compostela, Porto, Lisbon, Valencia, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, London, Rumania, Corea, Japan, Turkey, Zurich, lots of Italian cities and many other places!