Tamba Salsaché


"Why the name Salsaché? Because we love Salsa and are inspired by the power of the word Aché. Aché is everything: divine grace, knowledge, authority, wisdom, and the inherited experience of all those who came before us. It is also the life force that we humans possess, our strength, our power, our vitality, the reason why we are on earth. Aché is growth. Aché is Power. In Salsaché, we believe you have the power to dance like no other: You have the power to dance like YOU! (Tamba Salsaché) Whether you like Cuban Style, New York Style, Rueda, Chachacha or other forms of Latin dance, Master Tamba will surely make you happy - as one of his students of his Nottingham Dance School puts it: "Simply the best experience with an amazing teacher & a laugh-a-minute salsa family putting everyone at ease".