Super Mario


Super Mario has started his salsa career in 1998, when a friend invited him to a salsa club night where his talent was immediately discovered by another salsa teacher. Mario got immediately hooked on Salsa. The „Million Moves Man“ is particularly know for his excellent leadership, his unlimited back up of fantastic combinations as well as his teaching style in general that is well received in the whole world. He teaches his unique combinations to his students on international congresses in England, Australia, Japan, the USA and Canada. He has a studies background of mathematics and bookkeeping - and now specialized on Cross Body Style, Dancing On 1 or On 2. The Londoner concentrates mainly on movements and combinations with special attention to leadership techniques. The dance style of the Indian Londoner is soft but quick which enables him and his dance partner to achieve an extra portion of freedom to improvise. His impressive presence on the dance floor makes him special as a Social Dancer and his open, energetic personality helped him to get well-known in the salsa world.