DJane Saba


DJ Saba is probably one of the most versatile Zoukers of Berlin: She is a Multisensory Chef - originally her business was founded in London - Taste Your Senses - a dining experience now held in Berlin, Germany - lucky Berliners! The gorgeous Persian-European fusions of explosive flavors, aromatic fragrances and unique food experience equally reflect itself in her passion for dance too! She stems from a family of musicians, so her feeling for and connection to music developed from an early age. Since the age of 6, she plays classical piano; at 9 years she began her journey of musical expression through dance with Gymnastics, Contemporary, Jazz, Modern and, since 2014, Zouk. These diverse experiences and collective knowledge are now her basis to share her feeling and understanding of Zouk and its musical interpretation - both as a talented dancer as she will also be teaching workshops with her partner Jan - and of course, as a DJ..