Frank Santos & Gatica


"I am living my dream" (Frank Santos) Meet this energetic Bachata dancer - originally from the Dominican Republic, FRANK grew up in Italy where he started to develop in his talent in dance. He is one of the hottest new talents in Europe and the international salsa scene. With a background in hip-hop, merengue and bachata, Frank started to dance salsa in 2001 and went on to study various styles including Puerto Rican, New York, LA and Cuban. He has taught and performed in many different European countries like in France, Holland, Poland, Latvia, Bratislava, Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Israel, Brussel, Denmark, Sweden, Bulgaria but also international events in the U.S.A and Cuba. Frank has made appearances on television and stage throughout the UK and Europe. His television appearances include the BBC’s ‘Strictly Come Dance Fever’ and the ‘Trisha’ programme. He has performed with the Leon Rose Project, Iris de Brito, Andrea Stewart and Irene Miguel. His achievements include winning the UISP Italian championship for Cuban and New York-style salsa in 2003, taking part in the Havana Club Tour and performing in Iris de Brito’s “El Barrio” musical. Frank is director and choreographer of the dance group ‘A Yemaya’ that has recently won the 2008 award for the best UK performance. He is renowned for his dynamic, creative style and seamlessly incorporates this into his teaching technique – whether he’s teaching “On 1″ and “On 2″ partner work, styling, shines or most famously bachata. Frank’s current passion is working with mixing the different styles of bachata and contemporary dance to evolve a new style that fuses the most exciting elements of each. As an instructor, performer and choreographer Frank continues to make a significant contribution to the salsa and bachata scene. After seeing his work you will realize the drive, commitment and enthusiasm he brings to any arena. GATICA is the creator of Bachata Nueva, a form of bachata that has become a very popular one all over the world during the last few years. What she loves the most is the sensuality and connection in partner work.