Alex & Laura


Alex Alberola is the founder of the Ballroom Salsa dance company in Lloret de Mar/Gerona/Catalunya, Spain since late 2010. In its beginnings, it was originated as a Salsa On1 and Ballroom Dance company, later specializing in Bacha-Tango and Bachata Sensual. He has had previous training as a dancer, coach and ballroom dance teacher for many years. During his training as a salsa dancer, Alex has received classes and workshops for years with the most prestigious national and international dancers, in addition to being part of dance companies such as: Amateur Adrian and Anita Dance Company and Acento Latino. Alex teaches Bachata Sensual and Bachatango at dance conferences since 2010, being the precursor of Bachata Sensual and Bachatango in Catalonia with his former partner Noemí Perez. Today, Alex Alberola and his current partner Laura Garcia travel around the world with their show and giving workshops at the best international bachata conferences. Some of the titles obtained by Ballroom Salsa: Bachata Champions of Catalonia 2010, Bachata Champions of Aragon 2011, Quarters in the National Bachata Bachatarte Championship 2011. Alex Alberola and Laura García (Alex & Laura) have been regional judges and organizers of several Bachata competitions, including the Costa Daurada Bachata Festival, Bachata Open, Bachatastars, Street Bachata and Bachatarte. Alex has also been judge of the European Bachata Stars final in Oslo, the World Latin Dance Cup in Limburg and judge of the Bachata World Masters and Bachata Stars. Alex Alberola also belongs to the AES (Spanish Salsa Association) committee and has been the international coordinator of the Costa Daurada Bachata Festival. He is currently the international coordinator of Bachatastars, and international team organizer for the Bachata World Masters. Besides that, he is a member of the AEPBS (Spanish Association of Ballroom Dances) and a member of the WDC (World Dance Council). In 2015, Alex and Laura started their new professional career "Alex & Laura World Bachata Corporation". As organizer, Alex co-organizes several festivals such as: Mediterranean Dance Congress, Mediterranean Sensual Congress, Barcelona Summer Camp and Top Bachata Festival.