Ronie Saleh


Ronie Saleh has been dancing since childhood and during adolescence it was mainly Hip Hop, Breakdance and Popping in focus. It was not until 2009 he came in contact with couple dancing, Modern Foxtrot.
Late 2013 he was introduced to Kizomba and fell in love immediately!
Today Ronie is one of the biggest Kizomba names in Europe, and now he also teaches around the whole world.
Ronie has brought a new flavour of Kizomba to the Kizomba scene, he`s a born performer and showman and known for his amazing musicality skills and smooth and yet very clear leading. He rocks in improvising and even though he makes advanced footwork and choreographies, he still concentrates on the connection with the partner. With pedagogical skills and an ability to create a relaxed learning environment, in which everyone can learn, he strives to focus on the feeling, flow and connection. He brings the strong sides of the students to their consciousness and concentrates on finding the personal little things that the students could develop in. Everyone has a smile on their face and leaves the workshops with a great feeling.
Ronie has taken Mestre Petchu & Vanessa Kizomba & Semba Teachers Course and has travelled around Europe and taken workshops with the biggest teachers in Kizomba today.