Miki & Nora


Originally from Hungary, NORA is a dancer, performer, teacher and choreographer. She teaches successful styling courses for women, especially the Bachata styles Fusion and Sensual. Furthermore, she leads a semi-professional Bachata team (Nora Company) and is founding member of the professional dance trio "B!tchateras". She organizes Bachata workshops for couples on a regular basis and leads it together with other guest teachers. Nora has been invited to teach workshops and perform in shows all over Europe. MIKI: After only a couple of dance classes he got totally infected with the "Salsa und Bachata-Virus". Since this moment, he dances almost every day. With his previous dance partner Sarah Balzat who also gave him professional dance lessons, he shares the stages in Germany and Europe. In October 2016 the two dancers reached 2nd place at the German Salsa Championship. Besides the regular lessons, he is present at many festivals all over Europe as a dancer and teacher for Bachata, together with several, talented partners. His teaching style is shaped by his "love for detail" and his very figurative explanations.