DJ Dani Fernandes


D&L Beats is an international DJ duo: DJ Dani Fernandes and DJ Lisa Rose. They are known for their sexy Kizomba and know how to tune in on what the audience likes to create that magical Kizomba flow. D&L Beats mixes at festivals around the world to spread their love for Kizomba through their powerful beats. They have performed in Venice, Moscow, Las Vegas, Texas, Dubai, Dakar, Barcelona, Istanbul, Mallorca, Marrakech, Cairo, Curaçao, Greece, Geneva, Milan, Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Luxembourg, Scandinavia and more… Dani Fernandes was born in São Tomé, a small island in the west of Africa. He grew up with the beautiful Kizomba music and dance. At the age of 16 he moved to Lisbon, Portugal. You could always find him at the Kizomba clubs. His passion for this music kept growing. Currently he lives in the Netherlands. In 2013 he decided to do something with his love for Kizomba music and took DJ lessons at the DJ School of Amsterdam. He then met Lisa Rose at a Kizomba party, who shared the same passion for Kizomba and DJ-ing. She was born in The Netherlands and lives in The Hague. He taught her the skills and art of DJ-ing and they clicked. They formed a perfect match with each their own specialties and qualities. He with his strong beats, she with her woman’s touch. They complement each other and decided to work together as a team: D&L Beats was created. Now you can hear them mix at different Kizomba festivals all around the world. You can hear their passion for Kizomba in their mixtapes. They’ve created more than 20 mixes and they are one of the most popular in the scene. Chances are you’ve heard them at an after- or pre-party. Besides making mixtapes they also translate Portuguese Kizomba tracks and add the English lyrics to the video, so everybody can understand this beautiful music. Come and experience them live behind the wheels, spreading their love for Kizomba! - Social Media - Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Soundcloud: Mixcloud: