Xandy Liberato & Judit


Xandy Liberato from Brazil and Evelyn Magyari from the Netherlands are teachers, dancers and choreographers specialized in Brazilian dance. Currently, they spend their time traveling around the world teaching workshops and performing in different festivals. The Zouk classes given by Xandy & Evelyn are for intermediate and advanced students alike. Their main goal is to work on the interpretation of the different Zouk styles. They take their inspiration from contemporary dance techniques such as contact improvisation, circle movements, body movements in the shape of the number 8 developed by Jose Lion, centripetal and centrifuge strength and more. They aim to broaden your musical, physical and anatomical knowledge to give you a better interpretation of the Zouk dance. Following this structure, they allow the students to open a window of possibilities that will help them to investigate their own movement and to learn the natural journey of their own bodies. At present, Xandy & Evelyn are based in Valencia, Spain, where they develop their Zouk style together. They both represent "Liberato Art Movement" – a company specialized in the traditional Brazilian dances mixed with contemporary dance.