The most sensual and amazing Latin dance ever! If you are looking for a combination of sensual movements and more energetic moves you should try Bachata! This dance unites so perfectly balance of waves, turns, body movements, sensual connection between dancers as well as fast footworks.

Bachata can addict very fast, so be careful! ;)

During Valentine Dance Festival you can learn from the best couples of Sensual Bachata and Dominican Bachata. So don’t miss this chance!

Check out the line-up...




(pictures 2018)

♥ Gaby & Estefy (Madrid) NEW
♥ Arnold (Romania) NEW
♥ Pep & Marina (Mallorca)
♥ Miki & Nora ( Berlib / Prague) NEW NEW
♥ Thomas Santana & partner (Gütersloh)
♥ Dolce Vita Dance (Berlin) NEW
♥ Majid & Lisa (Berlin) NEW
♥ DJ MX Lab (Paris)
♥ DJ Ramon (The Haag) NEW
♥ DJ Chamy (Germany) NEW



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