Valentine Dance Festival February 2017 - Salsa Kizomba Zouk Bachata - Berlin the place to be



Imagine a place where you can forget all of your stress and worries
Imagine a place where you can relax and breathe
Imagine a place where you can be yourself

A place where you will make FRIENDS...
A place that will make you SMILE every time you're there
A place where you can DANCE to your heart beat and enjoy every split second of it
A place where no one will be judging you...

For who you are, where you are from, what you look like, how you speak and how you dance

We want to invite you on 15th/16th/17th/18th of February 2018 to such a place...

We love creating this special event FOR YOU...
We will bring everyone together - ALL styles, ALL levels, ALL nationalities - for four days and nights of dance and fun.

Be part of it!



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